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Big Brother 13 fans scream foul and claim CBS rigged this weeks results

So on tonight's eviction Lawon was voted off and forced to compete against one of the 4 previously eliminated houseguests (Keith,Cassi,Dominic,Brendon) for a chance to return to the house and continue competing. According CBS the vote came down to the wire with Brendon receiving what they claim was 1 million plus votes. This set off BB 13 fans into a frenzy about the voting being rigged. It's kind of hard to argue with them, since last year CBS did a poll regarding the houseguests and america left Brendon at the bottom of the list meaning they don't like him very much.  It's really hard to believe that Brendon over the course of a year and a cyber sex cheating scandal somehow turned around america's perception of him. In fact if we look at this realistically his popularity would've plummeted even more. Many fans have vowed to turn their backs on CBS and the Big Brother franchise due to this.  Considering many fans shell out $40 a a year for access to a live feed this could potentially bite CBS in it's rating chasing ass. Being that they only have a hand full of successful shows that compete with other networks the fallout from tonights results may indeed change the way producers and directors twist "reality shows" to fit their desired rating demographic.

Personally as a fan of the show I think something is afoul here and I will personally be canceling my live feed account effective immediately.

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  • Lindsay Baxter Banned Added I've been a huge fan of Big Brother But tonight they pletely lost my respect This season's been a right off mixing new/old Alison, if you wanted these couples here so badly you should have save MY TIME & MONEY and just put Jeff, Jordan, Brendon & Rachel in the house Tonight's "VOTE" was rigged The way these episodes were filmed this wk it was obvious Hope you're happy CBS
  • Graham Banned Added It is obvious that CBS rigged the voting to reunite "Brenchel" for ratings If I could I would like to demand the voting results with all the information necessary to validate who vote for each house guest I spent money voting and it seems obvious that America HATES Brendon and Rachel and that the result are incongruent to that fact I am not only boycotting CBS Big Brother, but ALL CBS shows!
  • Anthony Hulse Banned Added EVERY poll we saw had dom/cassi 1/2 But we knew what was ing the money man The reason they were brought back to begin with They are no dynamic duo, they are drama and drama = money

    CBS knows what they are doing why do you think they dont show results for their polls? They cant even keep points for a simple fan p let alone "2 million votes"
  • mrsyounger Banned Added I have been a die-hard fan of BB since S1E1In fact, my ONLY for 13 yrs-LOST and nw&thn AFVFor me to give it up HAS to be bad! Wednite's manipulative edit omitted Shelly's gameplay and made Rachel look like she did it! That not only set up Brendon's return,but swayed critical votes his wayEven if the vote count was fair-it was riggedWILL CANCEL FEEDS/not watch again unless producers fired
  • Arnaldo DePaula Banned Added Definitely rigged in my opinion!!

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