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  • Popular Futurama - Season 2 Episode 5

    Futurama - Season 2 Episode 5

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    After flushing Nibbler down the toilet, Bender gets an empathy chip installed in his head by the professor to make him feel what Leela is feeling after losing her beloved pet.

  • Popular Futurama - Season 2 Episode 4

    Futurama - Season 2 Episode 4

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    Fry becomes addicted to Slurm, the ultimate drink in the year 3000. When a contest appears on TV saying that the person who finds the golden cap in one of the cans will win a tour of the Slurm factory, Fry uses Farnsworth’s F-Ray gun that sees through a

  • Popular Futurama - Season 2 Episode 3

    Futurama - Season 2 Episode 3

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    An invasion by the Omicronians demanding to watch the final episode for the 1999 TV series Single Female Lawyer, forces the Planet Express crew to re-enact it live.

  • Popular Futurama - Season 2 Episode 2

    Futurama - Season 2 Episode 2

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    Fry, Leela, Bender and Farnsworth have to go to Mars University where Fry has to share a room with a talking monkey, Farnsworth’s latest invention. The monkey becomes a real headache when he starts beating Fry in all areas. Meanwhile, Bender is hanging

  • Popular Futurama - Season 2 Episode 1

    Futurama - Season 2 Episode 1

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    In a whole “Titanic” parody, Fry and the entire gang take a space cruise vacation. Leela tells Captain Zapp Brannigan that Fry is her boyfriend, and Amy tells the same thing to her parents. Bender falls in love with a rich female robot. Problems start

  • Popular Futurama - Episode 9

    Futurama - Episode 9

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    Bender gets addicted to electricity but tries to escape from the addiction by joining the church of Robotology. When he goes back to his old ways he is sent to the Robot Hell.

  • Popular Futurama - Episode 8

    Futurama - Episode 8

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    A big piece of garbage that was released a thousand years ago is now on the way to Earth to destroy it. After Fry, Leela and Bender fail to place a bomb on it, the city has to build another big piece of garbage; yet that may be a problem since trash doesn

  • Popular Futurama - Episode 7

    Futurama - Episode 7

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    The crew visits an arid planet in the Galaxy of Terror distinctive for its three suns and liquid alien inhabitants. Fry, after delivering a package under the scorching heat, quenches his thirst with a bottle of cool blue liquid. Fry soon finds out he dran

  • Popular Futurama - Episode 6

    Futurama - Episode 6

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    A thousand years is a long time to save up money, and Fry’s savings account has been racking up interest. When Fry discovers just how much money he has, over 4 billion dollars, he goes a little overboard. After completely redecorating the apartment, spl