Green Lantern Character Posters Up (Images leaked)

The Green Lantern footage might not have quite hit the spot for every attendee in Hall H at Comic-Con this year, but Warner Bros. will no doubt be pleased with how the panel itself went over, especially with Ryan Reynolds bringing his real superpower (charm) to wow the crowd and particularly a young fan who watched, slack-jawed as he recited the Lantern oath. And now the first teaser posters have arrived (via Collider), which offer a look at the leads, including, for the first time outside of Hall H, Mark Strong’s Sinestro.Yes, the Floating Head Of Mark Strong is now the In Shadow Head Of Mark Strong As The Bad Guy In Green Lantern. And he’s not alone – Reynolds’ Hal Jordan, Blake Lively’s Carol Ferris and Peter Saaaaaarsgaaaaaard’s Hector Hammond also get their own image.The film follows one of the many Lantern origin stories, »

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