Dustin Hoffman Back In Little Fockers

Dustin Hoffman Back In Little Fockers

A couple of weeks ago there were reports that the second sequel to Meet the Parents was back in the studio for significant re-shoots, and that a missing star from part two was being wooed to return. It's now confirmed that Dustin Hoffman has agreed to shoot some scenes forLittle Fockers.

Six new scenes will be filmed next month, and four will feature Bernie Focker, who was initially written out of the script when the production couldn't reach a deal with Hoffman. The film wrapped a while ago significantly under budget (although incredibly, we're still talking about $100m) so clearly Universal feels comfortable putting that spare change to use.

Deadline's insider tells them the role is not dissimilar to the one offered to Hoffman in the first place. The "pivotal" scenes will see him play opposite Barbra Streisand once again, and he'll also be part of a big scene at the end of the film that involves everyone. 

The spin from the studio is still that the movie was fine as it was (actually born out by test screening scores of "54% excellent, 85% total favorable, 73% definitely recommend"). But, says Mr Insider, "We want to make it better; it's an investment for the future of the franchise".

Aside from Hoffman and Streisand, Little Fockers stars series regulars Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner and Owen Wilson, plus newbies Jessica Alba, Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel. Paul Weitz is directing John Hamburg's script, and Jay Roach is producing. It's out in the series' traditional Christmas slot on December 22.

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