Mickey Rourke Finds Killer Role In Mafia

Toronto: As buyers ponder Mickey Rourke's Toronto Film Festival submissionPassion Play, the Mick has pacted to play a Mafia contract killer in The Ice Man. How this squares with the likelihood he next stars as Sonny Barger in theTony Scott-directed Hell's Angels pic for Fox opposite Shia La Beouf, I'm not sure. Here's a quick announcement on the deal. Toronto, Canada (September 12, 2010) – Natural Selection CEO Matty Beckerman announced today out of Toronto -- where he is attending the Toronto International Film Festival -- a deal for the company to fully finance and produce a feature adaptation of thePhilip Carlo tome The Ice Man: Confessions Of A Mafia Contract Killer and have attached Mickey Rourke to star. David McKenna (who wrote American History X and Blow) is penning the screenplay based on the eponymous book written by Carlo. Beckerman will produce. Graham Taylor at Wme Global »

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