Is Facebook great business or morally corrupt?

Is Facebook great business or morally corrupt?

Much has been written on the good and the bad of social media services. Yet how bad are the effects of mistakes made in youth that can't ever be erased from your online history timeline?

Facebook a phenomenon in it's own right went from dorm room idea jacking to global powerhouse in less than 2 years. People took to it like they were giving away free money. Since I too joined the network I have had at least one "WTF Why would they post that publicly" moment. Even within my social circle I find myself cringing at some of the status updates, more so because I realized that even if you delete your profile it is saved by Facebook for all time (or until they meet their end..which ever comes first).

Once the privacy settings outrage became viral sensations everyone changed their settings and resumed posting every little uninteresting detail of their lives in vivid detail. Just when people felt comfortable Facebook lays out new setting..bam. Ok Jane and John Doe change their settings again. Don't look now..another unannounced settings change. While people are enjoying their lives distracted by games, groups and a bunch of other useless sections to Facebook, the company itself continues to collect your data. Facebook is the equivalent to you sitting down with a stranger spilling your deepest darkest secrets only to find out sometime down the road that stranger just moved in next door and has a drinking problem. You expect them to not use the information you've already provided? Well you can always move but does that persons knowledge of you leave with you? Nope. Same applies to Facebook. By the time of you reading this Facebook knows what movies you like, what movie stars you like, what brands you are a slave to, whether you are friends with more brunettes then blonde's and so forth. Yup a little unnerving if you ask me.

Some will defend Facebook by stating that the good outweighs the bad, what most fail to understand is that Facebook is like a case of herpe's the evil isn't always visible but sticks with you for life. So next time you get angry at someone and decide you need to vent bust out a piece of paper and write your feelings. At least when you are done you can dispose of it forever. Companies are looking at Facebook to collect information on employees and private citizens, these companies are building massive databases that will be available at a fee of course to employers and others who like to do background checks. I'm sure at some point some of you will regret those pictures of yourselves upside down on the keg.
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