Sony PSN Down "Crashes and burns" just like we said it would

During the last sony outage I wrote a piece that was distributed on several websites (without permission I may add) well the piece centered around the monumental cluster F^(K that was the Sony PSN hacking scandal. I was torn to shreds by the hardcore gamers who went out of their way to counter my points with full on graphs of microsofts xbox live service..yeah they really went that far with it. After another outage I followed up my original piece and was again trashed by Sony's loyal customer base. we are again! (Looks around awkwardly at the menacing gamers holding their power strip cords in hitman fashion) So now what PSN fan boys? What is your argument this time? It's free? We know that..what else do you have?

Fact is this has been coming all along and some were just too enamored to see it. Get ready for it, get ready for it....another Sony Press Release. "Sorry for the inconvenience"..great. We will get some lengthy description of what went wrong and what's being done to prevent it from happening again. We've heard it all before Sony...fact is you have a free service which was built with sticks and spit and unfortunately gravity and time is catching up with it. PSN for it's acclaim is extremely lackluster for something that's been around for ages now. It's free for a reason because Sony didn't "care" about it until now. What's more likely to have the attention of a company a free product or the product they can count on revenue from? PSN plus for all it's high and mighty bragging does very little to attract your user base to it. Let's see use of a demo for an hour or use of a demo for free? FREE! I don't know what else needs to be said...we know you have no moderation, someone getting banned is virtually limited to game hacking so go ahead and spew a million expletives at anonymous people you won't feel any repercusions, go ahead and buy that $60 game you might could be able to play it online (when our system isn't lagging, or down altogether), go ahead enter your life's information in our systems john doe and his clan of misfits will be over to pick it up later...we get it. PSN ROCKS!
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