Why we are dumping google: Site news

When I set out on creating the internet's first community maintained social media hub it was under the belief that if you survive the first 2 years of the web's entrepreneurial curse we'd be ok. We'd have aged enough to be a trusted source to search engines like Google, we'd have enough exposure in indexed content to go on for another 20 years. This was the promise google made to us webmasters at the time, it's what made every person starting an online business turn to google and not yahoo or others. Google has slowly built a monopoly, mostly on the shoulders and backs of webmasters just like us. Almost every website you visit has at least 3 lines of code that point back to google. So naturally this gave google the ammo it needed to deem itself the most networked services online, this made their search engine the most popular one. Again all because of the webmasters.

This became an euphoria for people looking for content, while promising webmasters more traffic than they could even handle. Behind this promise they built up the most powerful ad serving system in existence today, which is approximately 85% of their earnings per year..all on the backs and shoulders of webmasters. You think we would've been rewarded for being dutiful rule abiding soldiers in the google army? Nope. In fact what has happened is the opposite. Continuos algorithm changes, continued changes to the rules of how on site seo should be performed. The same things that made you strong in google's eyes as little as two years ago now gets you penalized and buried in the ends of search results. Never mind the loyalty you've shown them, this is how they show you loyalty. 

At our height we served 5,000 google visitors a day. No complaints, no bad reviews, no spam, no over indulgence in advertising. We played by the rules for 5 years, and every 4 or so months we have to bend a bit further backwards to placate google. Their desire to milk webmasters and advertisers is at an abysmal level of greed now. The latest updates have completely shaken up the webmaster world, leaving home business owners, mid level start-up's and virtually everyone else scrambling to survive. This comes regardless of how long you've been playing by the rules. 

Quite frankly I switched to bing as my search engine a few months ago, haven't missed google one bit. I've also started shutting down my google services one by one, both business and personal. We've shut down our adsense/adwords campaigns entirely. If the internet was a nation Google would be Chairman Mao 2.0, complete and utter dictatorship. Google is in the business of making money, not looking out for the people searching the web, not looking out for the people who deliver specified content. When it comes down to it who will google promote more? Us or NBC? Us or Netflix? Us or Hulu? Us or Youtube? Never us, why? Because we don't run multimillion dollar a year campaigns.

Disputing issues with keywords or indexing or for that matter the existence of your websites history with google is a moot point. There is nobody at the other end that gives a damn, so long as the advertisers are happy they have a job. This is a huge problem for everyone, yet most people just don't care. I have discussed this issue with hundreds of mom and pop online business owners who are scrambling for ways to pay the mortgage because businesses they've established online for years are now completely irrelevant and phased out by the search engines in favor of big brand business. So every time you use google now for your searches you are helping one person somewhere get closer to the unemployment line. I guess it's ok because as many of our readers have claimed, they just don't like the feel of bing. Yes this may be true but at least bing doesn't play favorites and isn't dangerously playing with people's lives for the sake of greed.
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