Grand Theft Auto 5 could easily outsell Black Ops 2

Anytime I read a bit of news regarding Rockstar Games I find myself hoping on every shooting star in our vast galaxy that it is a GTA V announcement. Usually it is not! GTA is one of those game franchises you are either a loyalist of or not, there is really no middle ground. Unfortunately GTA 4 for all it's visual splendor didn't cut it for me but the add ons, well let me tell you the add-ons really saved this game for me. Running around as Luis Lopez has been nothing short of a pleasure for me and my wife, she drives the cars and I do the roughing up and shooting. To say the least we make one hell of a team.

As many of you know we've been expecting GTA 5 for sometime now with very little in the way of news. Rumors have surfaced of a summer release, then a fall release, then an early 2013 release. The middle one riddled with rumors of Rockstar taking the fight to the Modern Warfare franchise which in actuality would really make for an interesting holiday season. One which I believe Rockstar could easily win via innovation and a revamp of the GTA franchise. A revamp which has been rumored since the inclusion of gangs in Rockstar's own gamer UI via it's website. Ask yourself this, wouldn't GTA make for one hell of an MMO styled online experience? Imagine taking the fight to others in a fantasy world riddled with men and women of all walks of line trying to control as much of a city as possible. GTA has a much wider appeal then Modern Warfare because you aren't limited based on expertise, my wife wouldn't do well in MW but she'd do awesomely well at GTA. Therein lays the real change to GTA's franchise we need, more appeal to female gamers, such as the option to play as a female character and she better be customizable in the way sims can be customized. 

Let's hope the delays over at Rockstar are because they are thinking in line with their consumers that the evolution of the franchise is needed and that opening it's doors to an entire gender of gamers would really show the campers of call of duty who the real boss is in the gaming world. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into 2012's version of Duke Nuke em which was killed by delay after delay.
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