Apple should not require $99 to deliver a free app

Apple really hit it big by combining unified existing technologies with a distribution hub that complimented its devices.Yet for all the hoopla over the app store the developer side of things doesn't really make much sense. In sense I mean for those simply offering this specific device a free application. Considering a huge lure to the digital app environment is the ridiculous amounts of free applications available, because quite frankly there are buyer users and consumer users. The buyer has no issue paying for application they like, the consumer on the other hand grabs everything they can that's free. Contrary to popular belief every Iphone and Ipad owner is not buying apps, I am a perfect example of that. Yet there is a level of curiosity in terms of becoming a developer on the platform and why a free app is technically a paid app from the developers side. 

Some may argue that you are getting a ton of benefits for apple's $99 asking price, yet I question what exactly these benefits are. The most common benefit thrown around is exposure to dozens of millions of app store users. The one part they forget is that you'll be buried under millions of other apps so it's not exactly a benefit to pay for just having a placement alone. The second most common thing is traffic to a website app, ok this one makes just a tiny bit of sense but again has a second side to it. The second side is that if we were really discussing exposure wouldn't Android and it's humongous user base be a more viable option if that was the end goal? 

I understand the claims of crowd control in a world where malicious hackers and swindlers are migrating to a more open environment via phones and other portable devices. Yet isn't Apple's thorough approval process enough? 

The facts remain a free app with no IADS, No app store marketing, no in app purchasing,no apple affiliate program well it should be free to post in the app marketplace. The truth is Apple is in the business of making money from everything, they make their nut coming and going. Without app developers the IPod, Ipad, Iphone and even the glorious apple tv are complete failures. Yet if you somehow can justify paying $99 for something that you made to offer for free, well then good for you.
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