Boycott HBO and Time Warner

The ever arrogant and blindly delusional Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes in a conference call with investors practically said "Forcing people to pay for cable just to have access to HBO will work" and that "HBO will never exist as a standalone service". Well Jeff with all due respect go ride a cable box controller to hell. We as the public make you and break you and hopefully google fiber will come with some partnership to offer tv episodes without having to deal with Time Warner. It's time these CEO's stop marking up one business on the back of another. As far as the average consumer and investor is concerned HBO and Time Warner are two separate entities although under the same company. The reason for the delays in getting HBO into the Time Warner app was due to legal issues within HBO. So somehow now it's ok to make the two one product?

It's time the cable companies got shown who the real boss is. This idea that a luxury can be dictated by the brand is absolutely disgusting and should be unacceptable by consumers. You don't wish to join the rest of us in the 21st century? Fine, we'll just phase you out slowly but surely. Google TV and Apple TV are looking all the more interesting. I am also 100% certain that people would be less likely to pirate HBO shows in absurd low levels of quality if they could get the full quality for $10 a month, hell it's why netflix is so popular.

We here at Cinema Haven are attempting to secure funding to start our own programming, as are netflix and others like us. Why? Because it's time to start a new generation of streaming goods. Companies who will not keep feeding into the cable company monopoly. So next time you sit down to enjoy HBO's content remember the higher and long term price you are paying for showing guys like Jeff that they are right. Cable subscribers are too stupid to demand more.
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