Mark Wahlberg will be the new star of Transformers 4

The 4th film in the Transformers franchise set to debut June 2014 will be replacing it's main star Shia Labeouf with Mark Wahlberg, the dark side of the moon entry which was widely panned and heavily criticized may have been the end for Shia as the main character in the film. Michael Bay officially announce the change of cast earlier today, Mark who in the past has worked with Bay has been vying to work with him on several other projects but couldn't due to his own production/direction efforts. It had been speculated for weeks that Mark was in the running for the role but Bay himself had denied it. This is the third franchise loss for Labeouf who has spent several years being critical of directors and other actors. Could this be the end of Shia? Could Transformers receive a shot of adrenaline with this recast? We'll know soon enough.
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