Mitt Romney gets the Sarah Palin treatment courtesy of HBO'S 'Double Down'

Just when life was getting back to normal for good ole Mitt, HBO announces that his campaign for presidency will be turned into a film for the network much like Sarah Palin got with "Game Change". Double down will center around the campaign between Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama. No word on who will play who but I say get the guy who plays "The Governor" in The Walking Dead and you would be spot on! To say there was a ton of controversy surround Game Change is putting it mildly, Sarah Palin by all means was not pleased with the end result and was very vocal about it. Do not expect HBO to hold any punches either, they aren't known for it. If they announced it you better believe there are political insiders already under contract to divulge little secrets and things they witness during Romney's' Presidential run. I am also sure the most interesting part of this will be the action and reaction inside Team Romney when the 47% video surfaced. If you haven't seen Game Change yet, I suggest you hurry up and do so. It's an enjoyable cinematic piece that gives a very real and candid look at how John McCain's choice for Vice President changed the outcome of his bid for President.

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