'Pablo Escobar' Movie in the works

Pablo Escobar gripped the drug world of Colombia by the stones during his reign of love and terror. The Colombian national is often referred to as the latin godfather, and was rumored to be worth in excess of $4 Billion by the time of his death. While studios and tv shows (Entourage) have toyed with the idea for making a film based on his life it is finally now seemingly the time where an appropriate script has been developed. For those who follow all drug trafficking things you would be familiar with the massive international hit that "El Padrino" the show has created. So naturally Hollywood is paying attention. Benicio Del Toro is said to be already confirmed for the lead with other actors slowly negotiating their contracts for the film. Pablo who was killed by U.S. DEA force in 1993, died at age 44 having reached the pinnacle of a drug underworld very few even admit existed. Pablo Escobar was born in Rionegro, Colombia to adverse poverty. Before jumping into the world of narco trafficking Pablo made his mark by kidnapping an executive in exchange for $100,000. To this day there are many conspiracy theorist who believe he lives on and his assasination was a big cover up. That is the power of the man many refer to as "The Myth", he attempted a run at politics in 1993 which was short lived once he jumped up the list of the most wanted world wide. Pablo's organization attempted to pressure the Colombian government into looking the other way by murdering police officers, assasinating law makers and even going as far as bombing federal buildings. No studio has been publicly linked with the film but let's hope they do it justice and tell the whole story.

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