The lasting effects of "Breaking Bad"

Last weekend Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan stated "We always want to outlive our work. Rod Sterling is a perfect example of that." That quote itself should give you an insight into how this critically acclaimed series was approached. Breaking Bad was the story of a terminally ill man finally having enough and snapping. The path Gilligan and his team of writers drove us down was one that defied the formula of modern day TV. Walter White was a character of many layers, a repressed genius who missed his chance at fame and fortune by choosing teaching over corporate science. A suburban dad of a disabled son and a bored wife, a man just following routine and the butt of most jokes told by his DEA brother in law. It was a risky show, one the actors believed in more than the suits, it wasn't until well into the middle of the first season that true promotion began and even then it wasn't what you would expect for a show that would have such an incredible impact of it's audience. The way Gilligan and company weaved the story of such a dull man into one of the greatest crime dramas ever is just amazing. They found a way of giving you an answer to a question while setting up a question resulting from that. To take us through the emotions of kind and sweet to sinister and volatile are remarkable. Just when you start disliking someone they introduce someone you dislike more or an instance that changes how you view certain characters. You cared whether this guy was ok or that guy would survive. Would Hank catch on? Will Walt's wife leave? It became an experience that educated it's audience regarding what made each character tick. Breaking Bad has received many awards, nominations, and it's healthy dose of praise but not nearly enough. Proof of that will be the statistics now after the show came to it's conclusion. The the audience for Breaking Bad via services like Netflix and other streaming services will continue to explode much like Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone continues to dominate streaming services. The dvd, digital sales, and bluray sales have already been insane and record setting and television will again open up the belief that shows who don't stick to the he,he,ha,ha formula are worth investing in.

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