5 Ways To Combat 'Walking Dead' Withdrawal

Halfway through the mid-season hiatus of AMC's "The Walking Dead," fans of the drama are beginning to show serious symptoms of withdrawal.

The latest evidence of their (and our) desperation for a good, old-fashioned zombie fix: some have started using the popular "Dead Yourself" program -- a make-your-own-zombie app that superimposes necrotic eyeballs or decay-ravaged gumlines onto your favorite selfies -- to zombify everything from stuffed animals and snowmen to pumpkins and cupcakes.

But with a month still to go before season four comes back from its winter break, fans are going to need a way to stay busy once they've made zombies out of their pets, their shoes, and the entire contents of their pantry. Here's how our Zombie Withdrawal Specialists suggest filling the remaining hours:

1. Re-Watch The Series

With seasons one through three available for streaming on Netflix Instant (and the first half of season four still stored obligingly on your DVR), now is the perfect time to begin re-watching "The Walking Dead" in its entirety, at the rate of one episode per day; ending with an all-day marathon on February 9 when the show returns to its Sunday slot. Or by forgoing work, sleep and basic hygiene you can watch the whole thing a total of 18 times at a rate of one episode per hour. Options!

2. Solve A Mystery

Devote the remaining month to unraveling the mystery of the zombie-feeding, dead-mouse-displaying mole inside the prison! Who was that masked man (or woman) serving the walkers a moonlight feast back at the start of season four? You have 30 days to answer this question, ideally using a complicated system of pushpins, string, and colored markers a la Carrie Mathison in "Homeland."

3. Put On A Play

Keep the "Walking Dead" spirit alive by replaying the most dramatic moments from this season so far, using your friends, family, and pets as supporting actors:

You:[Speaking in a voice choked with emotion.] We can still come back. We're not too far gone. We get to come back. I know we all can change!

Your cat: [Wearing an eyepatch, holding a katana.] LIAR.

4.Move To England

The big bad from season three was finally dispatched in "Too Far Gone," but David Morrissey can still be found sans eye patch, and sporting his actual British accent, wooing a fellow Tube commuter on new BBC romance, "The 7:39."

5. Throw A Party

Plan the world's most elaborate party to celebrate the end of the midseason break! Highlights should include a, "Who will die next?" betting pool; an aquarium centerpiece full of severed heads; a rousing game of "pin the bite on the victim"; and a homemade papier-mâché zombie piñata filled with raw hamburger.

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