Lack Of Education: The Horrific Truth Behind 2016's Presidential Outcome

Much can be said about the two candidates that waged war against each other as the nominees of their respective parties. What has gone unsaid is that catastrophic failure a nation has sustained in the view of the world simply because of its horrendous record on education. Exit polls showed that educated individuals who took the time to vote on Tuesday were split right down the middle in terms of their education levels. An overwhelming number of voters who either held a bachelors degree or a graduate degree voted blue, an overwhelming number of voters who voted red lacked said credentials. While the cry has been over jobs one can't help but wonder if better education as little as a decade ago wouldn't have made a difference. It can be argued that Donald Trump is a successful businessman or better yet someone how has parlayed himself into a position where developers simply pay to use his name to sell luxury housing, it can also be argued that he is a failed businessman with ties to fraud, sexual assault, and countless bankruptcies. What cannot be argued is that Mr. Trump has no idea how the other half lives and therein lays the problem with poverty stricken states full of under educated workers voting in favor of promised jobs. What is the reality here is that we saw America vote in a first time politician who was incapable of being loyal to the actual workers who helped him become the mogul he became.

Unfortunately millions of American's woke up this morning to learn that the country had voted in the most unqualified nominee in history and the numbers do not lie. When does buyer's remorse kick in? Probably within the next two years we shall see the remorse of millions who voted for this candidate when reality finally sets in. Perhaps sooner as justices step down and need to be replaced, quite possibly replaced by candidates of extremely conservative views. This does not bode well for us as a nation who thrives on progress and suffers from regression, with civil liberties already in violation in so many ways the under educated may not see it that way until it affects their bottom line. It realistically takes a level of ignorance so deep to vote into a office an individual who was the face of a fraudulent institution of education. This wasn't an institution for your children but instead for working class parents who sacrificed so much to simply improve their lives only to be shirked out of their loans and left with empty hands.

Education offset this election because as we've continued to grow in global dominance our budgets for the military keep growing at a pace that is astronomical while we continue to be ranked fourteenth in the world for education. An educated society makes conscious decisions, identifies facts by doing their own research and go beyond the catchphrases and witty one liner jabs that got Mr. Trump elected. This can be clearly evidenced by discussions on social media with people talking about "we'll be great again." Is that so? Once upon a time calling America anything but great was considered treasonous, yet the under educated seem to have forgotten that again because of their contempt for a politician who wasn't selling them hate and empty promises. Perhaps its time to move beyond the election and start focusing on how to right this ship because quite frankly the Trump and Pence chapter in the history books is going to contain many glaring mistakes that will haunt us for decades to come and perhaps then after most of the hopes have been reduced to ash and reality sets in we can start looking at the root cause of this failure in the fact that as long as we allow education to lag behind other programs we will keep repeating these kind of mistakes that take the honor of being American right out of us.

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