Amazon fire tv stick is officially now out in the wild

Amazon decided to continue it's trend of one upping it's competitors by jumping into the battle for your living room tv with its own direct competitor to Google's chrome stick. Amazon came out swinging from the gate, unlike many of it's competition by having a plethora of ready to use apps on day one. As most consumers know apple tv, Google chrome, roku, and others had rocky launches due to the large variety in licensing conflicts they encountered. Amazon who has also jumped into the original series game via it's prime video service worked out all of these conflicts ahead of time. Due to it's size and what it offers the device is a legitimate threat to all others. The other media hubs that match it in size don't have the amount of content amazon offers, and those who could match it come in bigger products. Hopefully Amazon keeps making strides to separate itself from the pack as this item will be a hot one with Christmas gift seekers.


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