wants your twitch stream channel!!!

Here at we love to bring our users new content as soon as we possibly can. Games make up a great source of steadily updated content. We are looking to partner up with gamers who stream on Twitch constantly and want to increase their viewers. We are looking for reliable streamers in any game category they chose. If you stream every day between 8-9 pm that's perfect, we know you stream at that time consistently and thus can help promote you better as well as alert our users when you go live. We stream too! So we know how tough it can be to expose your channel to the millions of users who have literally thousands of channels already available to view. We plan to keep our stream count to just under 1,000 vastly improving your chances of being spotted and joined. Cinema Haven serves over 2 million unique viewers a year on average over it's 7 year existence. We aren't going anywhere. If you are interested in having your channel added and/or featured on this site please email us at [email protected]

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