GamerCast for android (Free app) review

Now if you are like me you can't get enough gaming news, admit it you love gaming just like I do. The problem is I always end up getting information the day after news breaks via some popular websites. So we've been looking for a solution to stay ahead of gaming news, most news breaks on podcasts first because of course a podcast can be strewn together faster than a post, we can speak faster than we can normally write. Enter GamerCast for android users. GamerCast literally offers you the worlds top gaming podcast the minute an episode goes live. When I say the top of the gaming world I mean guys like MajorNelson, IGN, Playstation nation, and Bungie just to name a few. This is a wonderful take on the popular news function of mobile phones, since you can stream or download an episode you can access your content anywhere. Another cool feature this app has is that it downloads compressed and then decompresses files locally to save you bandwidth if you choose to use it without wifi.

I recently sat down with GamerCast on an 8 hour drive and had more information about the future landscape of gaming in those 8 hours than I could gather within weeks of web browsing. My favorite podcast would be the bungie one where they talked in depth about Destiny it's huge mmo feature title releasing later this year. If you own an android device no matter what version it's running I suggest you give GamerCast a go, it's free and you'll lose nothing in trying it out.

Click here to see GamerCast on Google Play

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