Gettng ready for Watch dogs, will it live up to the hype?

Watch Dogs has been under development since 2009, originally when the games information leaked it was considered a GTA clone of sorts with a different approach. This wasn't that far fetched considering the way Saints Row began and evolved to gain it's own identity and find success many never expected it would. Due to many of it's delays Watch Dogs has sort of become the Dr. Dre Detox album of the gaming world. An amazing piece of entertainment that never sees the light of day, well on May 27th it's time to put up or shut up.

Watch dogs centers around a futuristic semi-utopia of Chicago, a city like many that is monitored by CTOS. Ctos is a data controlling system put in place after a hack attack that resulted in a destruction blackout in the year 2003. Aiden Pearce a character who you will control is a talented hacker with fists of fury. Aiden somehow is tied into the story in some variant of revenge and fighting the system. The game will center around a unique combination of tactical approaches from using your technology filled environment to busting your guns on the run from the police. Aiden can be seen in trailers using his mobile phone to deploy rams and shut off street lights. How Watch Dogs sets its self apart from Saints Row and GTA is it's origins on evolving ahead of those franchise. Combining real world believable action with a story line that plays current on the minds of many. It taps into the topic of data privacy and the effects it can have if misused.

According to the creators of the game it will feature a number of play modes, one in particular presents an interesting approach. Open world multiplayer, the difference here is that in this open world you will find other players who will look and move just like A.I. you will have to figure out who is real and who is not via hacking and setting traps. Hopefully we get a very long story without all the focus going towards multiplayer. On the graphics side much can be said, we've seen two different views of the game which caused a bit of an uproar amongst console owners. The latest trailer kinda sorta showed diminished visuals but they still looked nothing short of amazing, not as good as the original trailer but pretty damn good by next gen standards. Let's hope on May 27th this game comes out with a bang swinging for the fences because we need a new franchise in gaming to force innovation and faster turn around on other franchises.

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