Guardians of the Galaxy nets Disney 1 billion at the box office

Well so much for a flop, which is what many expected this movie to be. Seems like Disney hit a home run with it's CGI riddled Guardians of the Galaxy film, pretty much guaranteeing a few more entries and possible spin-offs for the franchise. Rumors have begun swirling about spin-off films for some of the stars of the film. The two most notable actors in this cast are pretty much guaranteed to get the first go at their own film. No word on who will write or produce the spinoff to come but rest assured after cracking the billion mark at the box office Disney will be looking to keep cashing in on the success already pretty evident. Whether they too will have hefty budgets is yet to be seen, most spinoffs don't tend to have the same success as the franchise and only a fraction of the budget for filming.

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