Lena Dunham said to be "Quitting Acting", millions rejoice

Don't get us wrong we like Lena Dunham just not Lena Dunham the actress. Lena recently revealed in a vogue interview that she enjoys days where she doesn't act and thus may be taking more roles behind the scenes and frankly it may in the end benefit her shows. Dunham who brought us the smash hit "Girls" has sadly evolved the shows discussion around her on screen appearances and while she may be the lead actress the show has lost a bit of it's appeal because of it. Lena is a phenomenal talent but her acting annoys many, me included. Some have made much about her love of nudity but that's an irrelevant factor, she chews up scenes with major overacting. It really has started to come off as forced as well, perhaps the is some truth to her not enjoying the part of actress. Focusing on her writing is the best path for Ms. Dunham as she has recently revealed she has a few projects in the works perhaps being master of one domain instead of the dual role she currently plays will bring new life to her ever growing stale project.


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