Mayweather vs Pacquaio : Now possible due to plummeting ratings for both

Much debate has been made over why 8 division titlist Manny Pacquaio and undefeated p4p king Floyd Mayweather Jr have never faced each other. Many people believe a variety of reasons for the bout always falling apart, most will blame the fighters themselves incorrectly. The reality is that each man is the trump card for their promoter (Yes Mayweather is technically his own boss, but he doesn't cut the checks) and their respective network of choice. The fact that GBP used Floyd as it's leverage with networks and used him as a carrot to lure fighters to their stable. Top Rank which has had quite great success with a minimal roster needed Pacquaio for the very same reason. Either man losing the bout would've derailed the run and momentum both companies enjoyed. Much can be said about perception being reality and it is not that farfetched that either promoter spent the past few years whispering a litany of excuses into their fighters ear about the possible opponent. Some point to the $40 million dollar offer Floyd once made as proof that he wanted the fight, I call that hogwash. The phone was passed on to the advisers and managers and the call ended there. The same people who use that offer as their argument in the same breath turn around and say "Well Pacquaio isn't his own boss". Well if that's the case wouldn't he pass the phone off to the people who decide who he fights? Why not talk to a Koncz or the other adivsor Pacquaio mostly works with out of the Philippines where the call was made to? We all know Pacquaio's only input in who he fights is whether he agrees with the purse and date  that's it.

Now that we have a spectrum of the recent ppv numbers or speculation of said numbers for both fighters latest events, we can see both losing massive ground with the viewers. Pacquaio has not hit a million PPV buys in two fights recently doing less than 850k buys for his winning effort versus Timothy Bradley. Floyd hit over 2 million with Canelo but the latest "leaked" numbers indicate that his fight with Marcos Maidana also did less than 1 million buys and closer to 850k placing him in pretty much a dead even tie with Pacquaio and hindering that $70 million dollar payday he hoped Maidana would bring him. Now with Showtime dolling out millions to Mayweather and HBO not exactly happy with the two latest Pacquaio numbers things get interesting. Clearly there is a pressure on the promoters to make peace, this is evidenced by Oscar De La Hoya willing to risk losing Richard Schaeffer to salvage what he can. The reality is that Espinoza sold the land to get the house over at Showtime, they literally made one of the worst business deals in television history. There is no way that the investors at Showtime are happy with the losses coming in the boxing division of it's media powerhouse. The amount of overpaid fighters on Showtime is astonishing, and even worse these fighters are not bringing the viewers. To save face Espinoza and HBO will have to come to an agreement to make this fight happen, they are the only ones who can put enough pressure on the promoters to get it done. Arum is in a humongous pinch himself, his refusal to load up the undercard of his events is finally catching up to him. He's going to have to adapt to boxing as it now stands, it's no longer just about the stars of the show, every person in the ring on a ppv card should be a star. Premium cable fights should be limited to up and comers, and guys building up a brand. Bernard Hopkins, Peter Quillin, Adonis Stevenson, Adrien Broner aren't doing huge numbers but are being paid as if they are. Guys like Rios, Bradley, Alvarado, Crawford just don't bring in viewers either but HBO has been smart enough not to pay those boxers ludicrous amounts of money for their shows. HBO has the money and Showtime has the media parent company to push a fight between Floyd and Manny into something unseen before. If the Alvarez vs Mayweather fight did anything it left investors and stock holders salivating at huge ppv numbers. In reality if you credited each network with half of the buys for another mega event they'd still each break over 1 million buys, yes each. If Floyd could get 2.2 million buys for Alvarez, I expect at the very least another half million to a million buys for a Pacquaio showdown.

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