Mayweather vs Pacquaio: The fight that will come too late

Since late 2008 boxing fans across the world have been clamoring for a fight between two of the most marketable names in boxing history. In the years since there have been a myriad of reasons why the fight never took place. Everyone has an opinion on this and everyone thinks their opinion is right. The reality that neither fan base can stomach is the fact that fault falls squarely on both fighters and on the fans themselves. Pacquaio and Mayweather were both content to rake in millions of dollars generated by pay per view sales and from guaranteed price purses without fighting each other. As long as they could keep cashing in huge paydays with lesser talented opposition why bother taking the risk? In ways this saga has turned boxing into a wrestling fan mentality where fans of each man are eating up facades of narratives purposely put out there by them or those who manage their careers. The reality is both men had everything to lose by answering which of the two was the better man, gone would've been the near mystical aura that surrounds this fight, gone would be the plethora of free advertising both get by simply being mentioned in the same article as the other. The reality is that both men did not want this fight despite what has been said publicly for reasons already stated, the failure to accept the inherent risk of losing is to be completely blind to reality. Mayweather has enjoyed much fan fare for his talents but talents alone do not bring in tens of millions per fight to his pocket. He can negotiate insane purses for himself because he has the undefeated title to pitch and it comes with a hefty price tag. Losing that takes one bargaining chip off the table. While Pacquaio has lost a few times in his career as long as he's viewed as the man that can dethrone Floyd people will tune in to see if he still has it and if he still merits all the hope placed on his shoulders by his fans.

Now there are rumblings that this fight is close to actually being made, but does it actually matter? Yes and No. Yes because it will satisfy one fan bases arguments for the past six years. No, because these are shells of athletes now potentially facing off. We will not be seeing the best version of either man if this fight is ever made, that time has come and gone. They are still very dominant but they are also openly acknowledging the years catching up with them. Both men have publicly shown the changes they've made towards training and fighting, their natural abilities from six years ago are heavily dulled. The Mayweather from six years ago would've never been rocked by Maidana with that overhand right down the middle. The Pacquaio of six years ago would've left Chris Algieri a steaming heap of man gathering his wits at the end of a ten count. While the tank for both men still has some gas left in it, no fan can realistically think that the outcome of this fight genuinely holds any weight historically. It won't, at first it may but overtime the argument will be the real one "it came too late". To me dt doesn't matter who wins, i'm fully aware they aren't the same. They'd be pretty much beating on today's faded version of each other which to me holds little to no weight as a fan. The only reason for this fight to happen today is to satisfy those fans who still view these men as the 2009 version of themselves and to finally put to rest the ever existing argument of a fight being made about them. When that final bell rings one side will be happy, the other side will not.  Both men will be considerably richer and boxing fans robbed of fighting two giants of the sport who waited until the milk went sour before stepping into the ring against each other. At 36 and 38 years of age their primes are long gone, so AARP may consider sponsoring this event because in the world of combat sport which is boxing 36 and even moreso 38 is practically senior citizenship. People can use Bernard as an example of fighters fighting beyond their late 30's and late 40's but that doesn't apply here, Bernard is only answering questions about himself. He isn't trying to prove he's the greatest of all time nor the best of his generation.

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