Pacquaio "Mayweather is running from a fight like a dog with it's tail between its legs"

Manny Pacquaio said he'd reached his limit in a report released earlier today in which he is quoted as stating that undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather JR has been demanding too many things and that while they have agreed to many of his excessive demands several times over including testing and purse splits the undefeated champion is now requesting that he become a free agent in order to lock in a fight the world has been demanding for nearly 5 years now. Pacquaio who fights under the Top Rank for some time now thinks this latest demand is another excuse in a long list of ridiculous demands made over the years to make the fight happen, Pacquaio who is signed to Top Rank through the end of 2014 states he will again pursue the fight when his contract ends. Many in Boxing see this latest request as further proof that while Floyd has taken steps to make a fight they've all been steps that guarantee the fight never actually happens. While many fans will say Pacquaio who is reportedly in debt over taxes to the tune of $68 million dollars should've taken $40 million to fight him as little as 18 months ago. The fact is many leave out that in that case Floyd and GBP would've pocketed upwards of $150 million dollars and even if he did accept the $40 million popular opinion indicates fans would've expected Floyd come up with some new ridiculous term to make finalizing the contracts impossible.

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