85th Academy Awards review: Big Winners, losers, Seth didn't suck

This morning the internet is abuzz with reviews, reports, and all sorts of input regardling last night's 85th annual Academy Awards. The glamour, the jokes, who fell, who was drunk, who won? This year the award show was hosted by the comedic Seth McFarlane who I must say was thrown to the wolves from the moment it was announced he would be hosting the shindig. Even if the funnyman's brand of humor isn't your own one thing cannot be denied, he didn't stink up the place. Heck I expected a train wreck when William Shatner set the tone for Seth to hop into a song and dance number, the fact I came rushing back into the tv room because I couldn't believe it was Seth singing that well was shocking itself. This set the tone for the rest of the evening, much ado about Seth's jabs and voice. This year's award show also included a tribute to 50 years of bond, going as bringing out Halle Berry to present the tribute which concluded with a rendition of 'Goldfinger's theme" by it's original singer.  Charlize Theron and Channum Tating did a dance duet while Seth sang, Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt joined seth for another song and dance, and the cast of Les Miserables sang its heart out while Russell Crowe made us all wish someone would kindly ask him back to his seat. Argo won big, Life of PI won big, Lincoln won big, Flight was virtually snubbed, Silver Linings playbook had a decent showing earning Jennifer Lawrence best actress, the shock of the night was Christoph Waltz winning for Django Unchained.

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