Apple's product failures start to hurt its brand

I started out as an Apple user in 2006 with the release of the now infamous white macbook. At the time I was focusing more on music production and Apple offered the most comprehensive and straight forward laptop for this. Considering the brand at the time was touted as the "virus free system" it also appealed to me since I my music to be my own most precious content. Sadly enough my first experience with anything the Mac brand was a rollercoaster ride, loved the computer did not love the intangible issues with faulty hardware. First my computer ran so hot it literally left a mark on my leg that still remains on my thigh to this day, secondly a faulty logic board only a mere 8 months after purchase (First apple product so I did not buy their service package) which ran me to the tune of $700 (On top of the $1219 I paid for the laptop)and still my work was more important than all of these issues so I continued to indulge in the mac market and convert my friends and family to buyers and supporters of the brand (To this day I can say I am responsible for several hundred apple computers being sold to hardcore windows users). Over the years I continued investing my money into apple gadgets each one with its many short comings, from the Iphone to the Ipad in each incarnation of it's yearly appearance of "The New" savior product Apple lists. The Iphone 1 was virtually not worth 10% of it's money, lacked many features that required jailbreaking to simply get basic functions. This for me was the start of really getting over my fanaticism with the brand, one thing I learned years ago from modding the original xbox console is that companies tend to steal ideas that are done by others simply because they were done without the brands approval. Many of the changes in the next version of the Iphone came from the jailbreak community much like many of the best features in xbox 360 came from the modding community. Apple then turned around and tried to make out the jailbreakers as criminals unsuccessfully. Being one of the many contributors to this community put me at odds with a company who was now benefiting from my fellow cohorts work while putting a target on them. Distasteful to say the least. When they lost the war they changed their tone and now were friendly again with the community, or so they'd like us to think. Either way my work is more important than how I feel about a company. Over the years Apple's desire to be king midas has filled it's devices with a cluster of issues and myriads of bugs, yet people continue to swear by the brand. I myself found myself amongst them even though each product i've purchased has at one point or another required servicing less than a year after purchase, something i've never experienced with considerably inferior brands and products. To sum it all up I am not surprised we are now facing issues with Maps on the new Iphone, honestly we programming community saw this. In it's march towards controlling every aspect of your device usage they have turned away from things that work in order to dictate their market and expand their own investments. Google Maps has been a trusted friend of travelers for a long time..Tom Tom had one good year..then got overshadowed by better gps services yet in apple's wisest moment they choose to part with the former and force upon you the latter. The CEO apologizes and all is good, just hope you don't need to go anywhere important and get may just end up in anchorage by mistake. 
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