Bloomberg's a failure as Mayor of NYC by his lack of reaction to the protests

So Operation Occupy Wall Street on it's 19th day has gained steam with the support of citizens across America. Union leaders, democratic leaders, and even attorneys have cheered on in support of the rights of the protestors. Yet the originating city in which this occurred which has a Mayor self appointedly nick named "The people's Mayor" is nowhere to be found, has no comment on the situation, and hasn't given a damn at all about it.

As a New Yorker i've been arguing for a decade that Mayor Bloomberg with his bi-lingual attempts, nerdy awkward charm, and great P.R. teams has completely pulled the wool over the eyes of the residents of the state. This is a statement i've stood by this entire time and finally people are seeing him for what he is. An opportunist who used the Mayor's office to triple his estate (Bloomberg's net worth prior to being Mayor 4.1 Billion, Bloombergs net worth today 18.1 Billion) meanwhile all the city he oversee's has gone straight down the toilet. People can't afford to live in NY, there are less jobs today, crime stats are padded (PROVEN!!) but it's all sunshine and smiles in the world of Bloomy. He's refused to address the public over these protest and the behavior of his goon squad the "NYPD".

Most are shocked by the pictures and video of cops assaulting innocent bystanders, macing them, arresting them and so forth. This isn't new..the only thing new is that it's now happening in Manhattan instead of exclusively in the other boroughs. Ask people of the outer boroughs whether this is new to them and they'll say no. I personally can attest to that, after being illegally stopped, questioned, and frisked for no other reason than being of color. Welcome to the New York they keep out of the newspapers, welcome to the new york you don't see in your travel brochures, welcome to the New York anyone outside of the borough of manhattan is all too familiar with.

What do you expect a member of America's 1% club to do? Stand up for the poor? Stand up for the people who's taxes actually keep New York running. Bloomberg may say he's independent but he's a republican til the death of him. Let him sit in his townhouse and continue to ride the subway trying to give the public the impression he's one of them, the true nature of people has a way of revealing itself regardless of how many hundreds of millions they throw at public relation guru's to change public opinion. Mr Bloomberg you and your cronies are the real reason this country has fallen from grace.
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