Call of duty: Black ops 2 has leaked onto the internet

Well it seems Microsoft is not the only victim of a leak of their biggest AAA franchise game this year, Treyarch has just joined the list of companies hit hard by early leaks of their game this year. Black ops 2 which is poised to set yet another record in first day sales found its way onto the internet on Saturday of this past week. The copy is legit of the final product, many people are asking themselves how is this possible. Well the rumor mill is centering around an early game copy being sold by a retailer, since the copy is Region Free others are speculating that this was a leak from within a game tester with an advanced copy. So the question here really is, will the game makers stop sending out copies to journalists? It seems likely that there will now be controlled environment exposure to these games in the future. While some may say that those who download games won't buy them anyway so it's not a loss to the makers I say you are partially wrong in that thought. Call of duty is one of those franchises that millions are loyal to because it's a very social game, unlike games that don't center heavily around social multiplayer aspect Call of duty is one of those franchises that pirates who play it would rather have a legit copy of because most of their year will be spent playing with friends. We also speculate that Rockstar Games is paying a ton of attention at these two huge game leaks because their game is easily the most anticipated game of the 2013 and surely at the top of the list for gaming pirates to leak early. Here's hoping that Rockstar doesn't repeat the same mistakes of it's competitors with the release of GTA 5.
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