Call of duty: Black ops 2 Scorestreaks (Spoilers)

 Ok so here I will be listing the Scorestreaks that will be available on day one of the game launch. These are confirmed directly from the game itself.

1. UAV - 350 POINTS (Shows enemies on mini map)
2. RC-XD - 450 POINTS (Remote controlled car strapped with explosives)
3. Hunter Killer - 525 POINTS (Infantry deployed drone that seeks out enemy target)
4. Care Package - 550 Points (Airdrop a random scorestreak)
5. Counter UAV - 600 Points ( Temporarily disables enemy mini-map)
6. Guardian - 650 points (A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that stuns and impairs enemies)
7. Hell storm missile - 700 points (Remote controlled hellstorm missile with a cluster bomb payload)
8. Lighting strike - 750 points (Launch a coordinated lighting strike on three locations)
9. Sentry Gun - 800  points (Deploy an automated sentry gun. Can be remote controlled)
10. Death Machine - 850 points (your own personal handheld minigun)
11. War Machine - 900 points (Grenade launcher with rapid semi-automatic firing)
12. Dragonfire - 975 points (Remote controlled quad rotor with a lightweight machine gun)
13. A.G.R - 1000 points (Air drop an autonomous ground robot that patrols for enemies. Can be remote controlled)
14. Stealth Chopper - 1100 points (Call in a stealth chopper, does not appear on enemies minimap)
15. Orbital VSAT - 1200 points (Shows both enemy position and direction on the minimap. Cannot be shot down)
16. Escort Drone - 1250 points (Get personal air support from an escort drone)
17. EMP Systems - 1300 points (Temporarily disables enemy electronics)
18. Warthog - 1400  points (Jet aircraft that provides close air support (CAS)via several strafe runs)
19. Lodestar - 1500 points (Lase missile targets remotely from the lodestar)
20. VTOL Warship - 1600 points (Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL warship)
21. K9 Unit - 1700 (Attack dogs that hunt the enemy)
22. Swarm - 1900 (Call in a swarm of lethal hunter killer drones)
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