CH's Top 5 TV Shows of 2012

Well we've come to the end of yet another year and thus it's time to start a list of the top shows of 2012. We know, something you like probably won't be on the list but hang in there. There is always next year of course but we hope some of you discover new gems in our list.


1. Breaking Bad: Half way through a season and quite honestly it's only just now getting better. The show in its final season has started the turn in story where all the chips are on the table and things are well on their way to a collision course. Will Walt get away with it? Will Hank's discovery lead him nowhere again? What is Skylar's end result? Tune in because I can tell you one thing, expect one hell of a series ending.

2. The Walking Dead: The changes to the character base have vastly changed the impact of each episode, the addition of the Governor and his town mixed in with Merle's return have all created a post apocalyptic cocktail of epic proportions. The silencing of Carl, the blackout of Rick, the death of his wife each turning up the pressure on the human emotion aspect. In this season of The Walking dead the writers seemed hell bent on stretching out the feelings of each to a breaking point and beyond. From the towns people at ease and laughing while zombies roam beyond the walls, to the hardships faced behind the metal twisted gates that surround the prison.

3. The big bang theory: What is there to say about this show that likely hasn't already been said. The obvious ambundance of quirks, horrible attire, geek interests, and awkward moments leave this shows the abilty to remain a constant quality. Jim Parsons and company continue to geek rock the world. Howard returns from space, Sheldon's relationship takes hilarity to new heights, and best of all an epic halloween episode which became a huge viral buzz the following day..well folks it's a great show you can depend on.

4. Homeland: This show really has become the talk amongst both critics and viewers. If season one was tightly woven, season two unspools it all into a big mess before slowing winding it back up. Carrie, Brody, and Sal take on new positions within the storyline. A new brooding character joins the team bringing with him some dirtly little secrets. A joy to watch and one which doesn't make the obvious always as obvious as other shows do.

5. Revenge: This show is an evening soap opera done brilliantly. The sweet romance of beauty and payback create an agenda that keeps its viewers engaged episode after episode. A dark, twisted, mysterious is the chemistry for this show. The star carries her role perfectly in her quest for revenge on those who have killed her father.

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