Cinema Haven's top 3 modern romantic films

We've picked out what we believe to be the most enjoyable 3 films for a date or just a romantic evening. These are films we've watched and can honestly standby. Typically this genre is viewed often as boring but these three films are anything but that.

1. 'Once' This semi-musical love story has reignited the passion of audiences since it's independent release in 2006. The movie stars irish singer Glenn Hanssard. The film which to date has won 17 awards including an Oscar became a runway Broadway sensation with its screen to stage adaptation taking home top honors amongst the best of all Broadway shows. The film centers around a jilted singer who was left by his girlfriend and is seeking for a way of dealing with his sadness when he meets an immigrant piano player who helps him turn his pain into some of the most beautiful music ever composed. To say this is a touching movie that will have you googling lyrics to sing along to and choking up is an understatement. Hands down the most artistically scripted romantic story of modern times.


2. 'Love Actually' is one of those big cast engagements full of talented actors that creates a melting pot of goodness that makes it hard to not fall in love with the film and it's storyline within the first twenty minutes. Starring Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant, the film centers around the lives of various people during the Christmas Holiday but mostly around Liam's widowed character adjusting to life without his wife while raising a pre-teen son who is just starting to understand what love is. The film which won two Golden Globes and an additional 10 awards has been considered by many critics as a top 5 love film all time. Expect to laugh, cry, and smile plenty.


3. 'Bridgette Jones Diary' A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary. This movie was hands down Renee at her finest, the film which won 8 awards came within a gasp of breath of winning an Oscar. Released in 2001 the film remains one of the best selling DVD's year after year because of its very relatable story and it's humorous approach to love in it's many awkward scenes.

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