CNN Fails: Polls more Republicans than Democrats and publicly claims Ryan won debate

CNN who has been regularly quoted for their polling information failed miserably an hour after the Vice Presidential debate was complete. Cnn's poll on who won the debate included 31% democrats and 38% republicans which resulted in Ryan winning the poll by a margin of 48% to 44%. Now I beg to ask Soledad O'Brien and company how they can stand behind their poll with a straight face when their own disclaimer points out the overwhelming majority of those polled were Ryan backers? This is the fundamental issue with polls, unless they include an even number of both parties backers they don't make any sense at all. The fact remains that many other polls who followed the protocol of an even number of both parties voters and the rest being undecided voters all have Biden up by 20 points even amongst republicans. The fact is that many are hiding behind their excuses over VP Joe Biden's attack approach to this debate and CNN has bent to team Romney's incessant crying about media bias. Funny how Romney has never cried about Fox News openly bias towards incumbent President Obama. When every other poll on earth had Romney down by as much as 11% with a 27% chance of winning Fox News actually had Romney within 4 points even though every other poll on earth showed a huge gap between the two. I have like so many others trusted CNN's information but now i've started paying attention to the disclaimers on the majority of polls out there and how they are structured to get their numbers. This is the same situation that took place during the first debate in this election, the world saw 67% and ran with it. The fact is even that 67% think Romney won was another exact case of tonight's results with Republicans out representing Democrats by at least 8%. Why is this? Because tonight Republicans were in full swing attempting to change the topic from "Ryan gets trounced" to "Biden was mean". CNN I hold you guys to higher standards than this but at least those of us with more than a double digit I.Q. bother to read your disclaimers and instead get our polling information from Nate Silver who actually bothers to openly explain where they get their numbers from.
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