Conservatives try to bamboozle the public with "new" old Obama video

The conservatives have been whining all year long about what they consider liberal media bias towards their candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney. In an attempt to do what the republican party does best they take old news and recycle it as old and when called out on it claim "It's all new" and when further proven wrong utter "Well you didn't cover the whole thing". Well this new Obama video they claim was covered in depth by all media including many of their own 5 years ago! But it's new? As a centralist this is an insult to my intelligence and shows just how disconnected conservatives are from reality. As an undecided voter they are making it easier for me to support the other guy and not their candidate. I was holding off on making my choice until after the first two presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate, now? Not so much. Fact check: Katrina was a racist moment in this country that much is evident. How? Well anytime a storm has hit Florida both parties have jumped through hoops to rescue and help those citizens, why? Huge voter base and lots of billionaires in the state of Florida. New Orleans? Not so much. It wasn't racism on the level of skin but on the level of what is perceived as citizen worth. Also New Orleans isn't a huge retirement hub, and we all know the AARP crowd is one of the most powerful voting bases in the entire United States. The other problem is that instead of putting out videos and marketing aspects that enlighten us as to the qualities that made Mitt their candidate they put this out. We know where we stand with President Obama but as an undecided voter I have zero clue as to what exactly Mitt Romney stands for. Want to know why Obama gets more coverage? Look in the mirror, look at the paper work sitting on your desks, in your inboxes, and all the information of your candidate you haven't put out. The fact is Mitt Romney will stand behind anything that is trending as popular thus him saying "I stand for this or that" makes no sense, it's much harder to change public opinion once you've laid something out as your belief. We've already seen him flip flop one month to the next, so I guess his advisers have concluded its better to shut up and just pick and choose when, where, and what to stand for when it's convenient. Thanks Republicans you've just lost a potential vote from me.
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