Conservatives up in arms because Biden wouldn't let Ryan openly lie on TV

President Obama may have been stumped during his debate with Mitt Romney after hearing nonstop lies (28 lies in 36 minutes) and a change of policy Mitt decided on just prior to the start of the debate. Today the internet and many news sources are being hounded by conservatives bashing Vice President Joe Biden for what they perceive to be rude and obnoxious behavior. The only problem is once the fact checking was done Biden was right to interrupt. Don't be misled by the CNN polls which managed to poll more republicans than democrats about last nights debate giving Paul Ryan an undeserving victory, every other poll on earth shows Biden won last nights debate by a landslide, but why? Well the fact is that Paul Ryan made many attempts to vaguely answer direct questions and when confronted with being told "Answer the question" continued to attempt to change the subject. The fact is Paul Ryan was out of his league last night and even if Joe Biden hadn't been as forceful as he was Paul Ryan today would still be faced with the exact same criticisms, wrong on facts, wrong on stats and wrong on just about everything. One interesting tid bit that the media doesn't seem to want to press is Paul Ryan's openly admitting that his own personal religious beliefs will dictate how the citizens of this country live their lives. For as long as most of us can remember church and state have been separated, for as long as we can remember your religion isn't allowed to play a part in segregating the religious beliefs of others. Another topic the media seems to be shying away from is the abortion question which was also posed to the candidate Mitt Romney a few days prior and he is quoted as stating "As far as I know there is nothing in terms of legislation that would change abortion rights as it stands, so I will not be changing abortion rules or laws". Last night Joe Biden slammed that floodgate wide open with "The next president will be picking two justices for the supreme court, of course the choice will deeply affect Roe v Wade because if they pick two justices who are anti-abortion they will have the votes needed to overturn Roe V wade". This is a reality that the Romney campaign is well aware of but does not want the public to know. In changing his stance on abortion publicly the Romney campaign continues to mislead the public about their true intentions when in office. Another note the media isn't jumping on is the report by 6 of the top economists in this country that dispute Romney's claims of decreasing the deficit without affecting the top 1% and the middle class which the economists have deemed "IMPOSSIBLE!!". Ever since Mitt Romney started whining about media bias companies like CNN have bent to his will as to not draw criticism, their boards are full of paid GOP'ers trying to change the conversation. You bring up how Romney's tax plan doesn't fail, they reply "The president is bad for jobs" and flood the boards over and over again. That's fine, in my opinion it is the job of reputable journalists to take the truth and present it which it seems most of them refuse to now do because it makes them look biased when the majority of the comments for their articles bash them for their "one sided journalism". The fact is Romney has only actually been openly truthful about two things, his desire to be president and his experience as a ceo. The fact is Romney governed a state that was doing better before he came along and plummeted in job creation over his terms duration. The fact is Romney is taking credit for approving changes in his state that were on the table due to the democrats, the fact is the current people in charge in Massachusetts who were left with his mess are having a hell of a time cleaning up after him. These are all facts we should remember when going to the polls next month. You couldn't run one state, you certainly won't be able to run them all.
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