Eminem retiring, Wayne pleads guilty, Def Jam distancing self from hip hop


If you ask me, Eminem is too talented to be considering retirement. But, I am hearing this. Sources deep within the halls of Interscope Records have come back to me saying that Eminem will rebuild Shady Records and step off...riding off into the sunset. According to my source, Em is going to do this in 2011, spring or fall. I heard part of it is going to be produced by Em, but mostly Dr. Dre. There is no title or anything like that. Anyway, Eminem's album is out right now...Monday. You know what this means? If fans bust out, they could usurp Drake from that top slot!!!


Lil' Wayne is in Rikers, but he is still fighting other cases outside of the bing. He was forced to plead guilty in AZ instead of looking at jail time. He caught a case in '08, where the coppers found a gun, weed, coke and some ex pills on his tour bus. Wayne just pleaded guilty and now he's going to go through 36 months of probation. Don't dudes get tired of going through the system? It has to be a headache. 


Def Jam used to be the illest Hip-Hop label, but it looks like its getting closer to the illest R&B label. Not only have they had the likes of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, but it appears that they are close to signing Brandy and new jack thug singer J. Holiday. Apparently, The Dream is running his jibs about it. He is an executive at Def Jam in addition to being one of the singers. I BET this was plotted out in some way so Brandy has a happy ending to her reality show. 
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