Fall show to watch: Last Resort on ABC

We know most people don't enjoy being challenged by a television show, we know most people enjoy fluffy shows like the big bang theory and the office and rarely do they take on a show that requires they pay non-stop attention to the script. This was a challenge even the all mighty great shows like "Lost", "The wire", and many others have faced..welcome to the digital age of short attention spans. Considering the ratings for last nights premieres it seems folks enjoyed watching Lucy Liu play another fluffed up sexy character in a horrible modern day take of "Sherlock Holmes" and passed up on the chance to watch an actual legit show in "Last resort". Ironically I was able to watch the pilot 2 weeks before it hit the airwaves and predicted this.."Americans will not watch this show"..and boy was I right. Good script and excellent acting be damned, folks will watch everything but this show..isn't x-factor on tonight too? Listen I said this same thing when the wire first aired and folks laughed and called it a crap show. Years later the wire is recognized as possibly and arguably the best show ever put together, the difference here is HBO couldn't afford to let the show fail but ABC has a history of dropping shows before they can pick up the steam they deserve. If lost hadn't had such a huge budget it would've been cancelled the first season. Last resort falls into that are, too much going on too often. It is unfortunately something that takes time to appeal to people, first it requires others to rave and rant about the show before people will give it a shot. Listen to me clearly! You do not want this show cancelled..the alternatives could be catastrophic to the lineups of the future. We do not need 15 versions of the office, or the big bang theory. Can we please have a show that thinks out of the box for once, please? Last resort in many ways embodies much of the best parts of lost, never ending twist and turns. A story foundation that gives it unlimited room for changes and growth. It is what tv has been missing for quite a while and a show that begs the question "If that were me, what would I do"? I highly recommend you spend 54 minutes of your life watching the pilot, you will not regret it.
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