GOP backers Is it time to start question Romney's tax delays?

Today Mitt Romney's campaign announced they would be releasing his tax return for 2011 on October 15th, the deadline of when his IRS approved extension expires.  This tax situation is something I have discussed frequently with both sides of the political world. Shockingly the biggest criticisms have risen out of the new generation of republicans who feel Mitt's excuses hurt the image of the republican party.

I recently sat down with a Boston resident familiar with Romney's local campaigns where he promised the same, the problem was "He promised but they never came". Personally we often want to know as much as possible regarding candidates prior to making our choice in who to elect. The candidacy for president is the most public interview of your life, imagine showing up for a job interview with half a resume and the promise of the other half when it's convenient for you to put together. The idea that a candidate believes we are too foolish and too distracted to realize something is up is an insult to the country as a whole. We've seen this and heard these promises before, there is plenty in the way of suspicion about this campaign to raise distrust in voters. 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 are all filed so why not release them? How do you feel about a candidate promising prosperity for the average Joe while not allowing that same Joe entrance into his home. Mitt has on record stated he's paid at least 13% in taxes each year. 13%? That's the man offering prosperity to the middle class? The truth is Romney is Wall Street and not main street and that's why his taxes won't be made public.
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