Growing number of modded consoles: Blame game makers

Let me start off by stating that I have been a video game enthusiast since Zelda's golden cartridge and since sega made card slot games.

If I started to count the massive amounts of dollars spent on video games over the past two and a hard decades I would probably be capable of affording a few brand new cars. Over the years I've spent less and less even though the cost of such entertainment has risen continuously. I say spend less because game makers have lost my loyalty and my business with half assess releases and games that don't deliver as advertised. 

One of the companies I have completely dropped is EA, it'll be a cold day in hell before they see another dime from me. Pay to unlock your multiplayer features, buy a code because I bought my game used..yeah that's how you inspire me to buy a new copy of your game when your next big project is completed. I can say I've purchased almost every incarnation of sports games EA has made...only two second hand. Those two killed my EA loyalty and I have happily taken my dollars over to their competitors. Sales down? Blame yourselves and the idiot department that thought it would be cute to nickel and dime customers further.

Over the past 12 months I've delved more into the underground world of gaming. I have seen some amazing things, seen some nefarious things, and have met some pretty intelligent human beings. The number one common factor amongst that community? Modded consoles!! The most common reason for modding? Folks have grown tired of the politics involved in content they pay for and it's limitations of use. Perfect example? You bought call of duty, the system you play it on skips it's lense, you end up with a scratched unreadable disk. What then? You go to your consoles market place and the game is available as a digital download, but to the tune of full retail price. Now this is where the movie industry learned what the gaming world will soon learn. Offer a digital download of your produc for free if the buyer buys a new retail disk version. This has helped curb piracy a bit in the movie realm, not entirely but in doses. Now in this case a call to your console maker, a call to the game maker leads to nothing more than frustration. This makes it easy for many to justify downloading and burning a copy of said scratched game. For one it is a less stressful solution, secondly it saves you the time of speaking on the phone with people who can only read from a script.

The other factor is people being charged extra for content already on the game disk. "why would I pay you twice for something I in theory already have in my possession" console modder belgiumhackz states openly. Others feel like he does and have no qualms about making this openly known. Personally over two decades game makers have gone from needing your business to making you feel as if you need them more. The idea that you will block my second hand copy of your game from full features to me is unattractive and in bad taste. The idea that you then want me to spend an additional 40 to 60 dollars on DLC to get "The full experience" is the equal to me driving off a car lot and having my cell phone ring and being told I left the dealership with only half the horsepower and now if I want the car promised I have to pay the same price a second time. No thank you! 

Currently I now spend my money on upstart games, developers eager to earn my dollars and loyalty. Do I sill spend money on big franchises? Yes but only if they are still play by the rules we call fair exchange, you give me everything for one price and you can have my money. Want to sell me an extra sword that makes the game sweeter? No thanks you should have waited added it to your game instead.
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