GTA 5 release date: Announcement due on November 1st 2012

GTA 5 is due for a humongous media expose and promotional campaign starting next month. Ever since several news outlets reported they were partaking in a presentation by Rockstar late last week the internet has been abuzz with all sorts of rumors about the future of GTA 5 and more notably when it's being released. One thing is for sure whoever lets it out of the bag before Rockstar wishes them to will end up on the mother of blacklists ever created and possibly worse than that. Folks are under extreme gag orders, friends that work at publications have completely gone silent across social media and many aren't even answering their phones while working on magazine covers and articles related to the game. The information is that sensitive and the crunch to keep this all a secret until day X arrives is really getting to be a bit much. For fans of the grand theft auto franchise we suggest ponying up the $5 for next months copy of game informer because they will be exposing more information than anyone else. While we were not asked to taking part in the Rockstar games event (Hopefully someone at Rockstar Games reads this and includes us in the future..We love them and we are in the same states as them) we can joyfully state that we will be covering as much of the information as possible when it surfaces, in the meanwhile i'll be returning to playing San Andreas and busting caps into pimped out Cadillacs while listening to O.G. Loc's ridiculous rapping. Ah the desire to see GTA 5 during the holiday seasons is making me feel like I am 10 again and waiting to unwrap the biggest present of them all.

Update: There is much speculation that GTA 5 may come in two disc sets like Halo 4 is being released so that the huge campaign can be fit into it's own disc. We at Cinema Haven would applaud this because it means in all likelihood the game will not have to be trimmed down and certain elements removed. Another rumor is that Rockstar could potentially release GTA 5 as a download game via xbox live on launch date which we also welcome as great news if that's the case.
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