Gta Vice City: 10 years later...

GTA: Vice City turned me into a hard core gamer more so than any other game before it or after. Such was the experience of taking over the character of one Tommy Vercetti the ultra slick retro 80's felon. It was the first time I had experienced directive violence, running drugs, car jacking, union busting, and story driven aerial assaults. While GTA 3 gave us some of those features it wasn't until Vice City that Rockstar perfected the forum with a balance still unrivaled since. Cruise the streets of 80's miami, populated by beautiful women, fast cars, and the fabulousness of the criminal underground.

The game encompassed the era of cocaine cowboys from the eyes of someone new to the area with ties to organized crime. It introduced us to a sleazy attorney with a severe cocaine addiction with a massive dosage of paranoia. It introduced us to the battles of neighborhoods vying for control of the drug trade. It showed the highs and lows of the drug induced era that was miami in the 80's. Bright colors, empty pockets, and tons of opportunity to become the big dog. This was the setting for one of the greatest games ever created.

In all fairness this is the most challenging title in the Rockstar series, it wasn't as easy to escape a police chase as it was in GTA 3. It wasn't as simple as driving into an alley way, the landscape being so expansive left much room for chasing and attempting to get away. Old reliables like Ammunation were placed strategically across the map in key locations that made it harder to empty a clip and run to go buy more. It took the stunt jumps of GTA 3 and put them on steroids, I found myself spending dozens of tries attempting to hop across a river on a motorcycle..only to go splat into a brick wall..eventually I achieved this but it was well worth it. The game featured vengeance, sex, and rock and roll. My favorite places in the game were the mansion and the club..nothing like a cheesy neon club to make the gamer in me go gaga I must have this. This game was an excellence of open world environment, grab a chopper land on top of a building, and snipe away..ahh pure bliss. For it's ten anniversary Rockstar Games is releasing the game for mobile devices. Lets hope they redesigned the game for sharper character detail...I pray and pray to someday play this game again with a modern engine. How about an HD remake folks?

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