Halo 4 defines the xbox 360 in so many ways that next gen consoles can wait...

Note: We will not be destroying the mysteries of this game, we will be discussing the fundamental aspects of 343 and Microsoft's latest installment into the Halo franchise.

Many people have been angrily speaking about the end of the current generation and asking for the next generation consoles. Well Halo 4 serves as the industries response to the critics. Halo 4 defines the current cycle of gaming consoles by pushing the boundaries of this life cycle beyond what anyone could image. PC graphics are awesome but usually put up against consoles which is unrealistic in expectation of comparison. You can buy a new video card whenever you wish for your pc rig, this is something you cannot do. Even in that case taking one look at the coloring and textures within Halo 4 should shock even the biggest of console critics. Halo 4 is absolutely beautiful, the cut scenes are better than anything I have ever watched on Blu-ray and closer to what one expects from 4k video content. 343 certainly didn't mail this in one in they put their foot, elbows, and shoulders into this one. I think Microsoft should be extremely proud of this crowning achievement. If tomorrow they decide to push out a new console i'd happily carry Halo 4 on my shoulders as one of the most beautiful video games I have ever laid eyes on. As much as I want to crow about how amazing the mechanics and the response time are wow..but we'll save that for after November 6th.
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