HBO gives up on Treme, orders final 4 episode season

HBO strikes again, the thrifty network that has never had an issue tossing money at mediocre shows has gone ahead and cancelled another great show. HBO seems to not have a care in the world for shows that reflect cultural elements that other networks refuse to even touch. Treme wasn't just the story of Katrina, post Katrina, and New Orleans. Treme was much much more than that, much in the same way the wire was more than just cops vs the ghetto. Treme was a platform for expression of societies ills and the struggles of ordinary people. Treme also gave forgotten musicians a platform to rewrite the unfairness of yesterdays music industry. The show introduced us to many musicians who suffered the indignation of writing #1 hits only to end up in extreme poverty many even ending up homeless heroes of a music era. At least they gave us an ending to the show but according to reports did so begrudgingly due to David Simon's fighting for the fans. So thank you David. We shall miss treme.
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