How to submit a video

We are naturally a video host, currently we recommend you do not attempt to upload files larger than 80mb's. We are working on launching an independent server capable of quickly uploading files up to 1.5 Gigs. We also allow you to submit videos from other sources such as youtube,megavideo,novamov,videoweed,mtv,vimeo,livestream,and countless other sources.

1st. Sign up for an account from the home screen. Once your account is confirmed you will be able to log in and have member privileges.

2nd. Now that you have successfully logged in you should see a tab at the main menu that states submit a video. Fill out the required information. You must provide a link to the video itself/Video page at the hosting service. You can also use the details section to paste your embed code if you want to speed up the process. The system is capable of using your submitted url and in most cases being able to auto post the video, in cases where this is not possible an embed code helps solve it.

3rd. Once you have submitted your video it is forwarded to our query system and placed in cue for posting. You will receive a notification once your video is live at

This works best for users who upload to hosting services that pay per x amount of views. Megavideo and Novamov are the most popular and trust worthy ones.
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