If You Liked 'Take Me Home Tonight,' You'll Love These Movies Too

Moonwalking its way into theaters today: the retro comedy “Take Me Home Tonight.”

Fans of “That 70’s Show” are likely jazzed for this flick – not only does the star of the hit TV series play the lead, but the show’s writers also penned the screenplay. The comedy, set in 1988, follows a group of aimless college graduates as they convene at a Labor Day party that eventually spirals wildly out of control. Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) painstakingly attempts to impress his dream girl – the elusive and popular Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer) – with the aid of his jokester best friend Barry Nathan (Dan Fogler). Along the way, Matt is also forced to come to grips with the engagement of his twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris), which puts his own uncertain future into perspective.

If you’re psyched to see Topher grace (ha!) the big screen for the first time since last year’s action vehicle “Predators, »

- Katie Calautti

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