Is Jay-Z washed up? Debate begins after lackluster "Watch the throne" LP

Jay-Z the self proclaimed god emcee has a long history of putting out hits and landing the top spot on billboard. Since 1995 Jay-Z has kept the hits coming under a variety of monickers and aliases he has built a loyal fan base across the world that rarely ever criticizes his failures publicly. After the much hyped collaboration album with protege Kanye West leaked in bits the criticism began. Fans found themselves at a crossroad whether this album would live up to it's hype. Some preferred to wait a few more listen throughs before passing judgement but for the most part the public is trashing this album and calling it too progressive. Jay-Z an amazing talent who made his career on the grounds of crossover appeal has never dealt with this kind of backlash over his work. Fans have taken to twitter to express their disgust at the albums lack of actual hip hop instead saying it's just the same stuff we've been hearing for 10 plus years. "Rich rap" as it is called, the look at me and what I have message that has been Jay's signature since he first made forbes. That has to rub people the wrong way in a depression.  Many are now stating that it's time for him to go and that he's not bringing anything new to the game. I for one could not agree more, I can only imagine how hard it is to emulate and try to rap about a life you never lived in the first place (I moved kilos, I had spots) and therefore we understand his approach to rapping about progressive riches but it gets a little tiresome. No matter how you rephrase how bad your chick is and how exclusive your car is and how you have your own jet we are starting feel like "we've heard that already". 

So we ask the public do you think Jay-Z should hang it up and walk away or do you think  he can bounce back and reconnect with fans on a basic level?
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