Jets fans saying the team gave up versus 49'ers want Sanchez benched

In what can be called one of the worst performances in sporting history the New York Jets were spanked by the San Francisco 49'ers in a lopsided game that ended with the score of 34-0. In 60 minutes of game time the Jets couldn't even score a field goal. Mark Sanchez mailed it home for the 3rd consecutive game in a row having a completion rating under 50%, something that is not acceptable in a starting quarterback of such a big market team. To say something must change is an understatement and while the Jets organization continues to publicly state that they stand behind Sanchez and that he is their QB one has to wonder if the fans stop showing up how long will they back him. Mid-Way through the 4th quarter of yesterday's game I saw something I had never ever seen before, the home teams entire fan base just started to up and leave. The disgust written clearly on their faces, folks leaving behind team branded hats and jerseys sort of announcing they are done with the franchise for good. Who can blame them, the defensive squad on the Jets have a right to feel just as disgusted. The offense would get possession of the ball and continually go 3 and out. This wears on players, spending so much time on the field as a defense takes it's toll. If anyone here is entitled to be more pissed off it's those defensive players. They won't admit it but you can hear it in their voices during the post game conference. The chants of Tebow and boo's from the crowd everytime Sanchez took the field were a contrast that NY fans want to move on and have exhausted their patience with Mark. The head coach Rex Ryan was so disgusted with his teams effort he gave them two days off to go soul searching...who can blame him? It doesn't matter if this team has one of the greatest football minds in the league, he can't be more than a punchline of NFL jokes if his team can't find the guts to take the field and perform as they should. It doesn't matter if the offensive coordinator draws out the most amazing of plays if your quarterback can't execute them. Perhaps Mark Sanchez should spend less time parading his latest love to the newspapers and more time working on his mechanics. Open players within 12 to 18 yards should not be that hard to accurately pass the ball to, ironically instead he's chosen to pass to players swarmed by defenders. I am a Jets fan personally, and i've defended my beloved team throughout some of the worst years ever. Right now my remaining a Jets fan hangs by a thread...that thread is in the hands of the GM who needs to grow a pair, make some calls, and stop wasting my free tv time putting a team on the field that may as well stayed home.
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