Megavideo time limit solution

Many of the user submitted videos are hosted on megavideo. Megavideo itself is a video hosting service and not generally a website open to the general public. Therefore users once done uploading are given a link which they submit to this site and the video is automatically posted. While megavideo is the most stable video host online it also has a limit of 72 minutes of video per one sitting. Once your 72minutes are up you must wait 54 minutes to resume your video unless you are a premium member. The premium membership is a mere $10 a month or on discount you can get 3 months for $20. We know that not everyone can afford a megavideo membership so we have hunted and found a solution.

Firefox has great tools that allow you to bypass the time restraints provided by megavideo. The best one so far is Illimitux which can be download from this link below are some details from the programmers.

Skip limitations imposed by streaming plateforms. Its purpose is watching without restriction videos from MegaVideo, Veoh, MegaUpload, Rapidshare.
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