Mitt Romney licking his wounds after being stomped by President Obama in town hall debate

Mitt Romney who received as much as a 7% surge in favor ability after the initial debate in Denver. He enjoyed this boost which was by some considered a campaign savior but not a guarantee a win. Mitt enjoyed his run which was slowed to a crawl by Vice President Joe Biden's demolishing of Paul Ryan in the V.P. Debate just this past week on October 3rd. Mitt needed another dominating performance in tonight's debate to keep his surge going unfortunately for him the incumbent President had other plans. Unlike their first debate in which Obama seemed relaxed and perplexed by the change of tone and direction Romney took. The change in direction and policy Mitt Romney took in his first debate was something even many in his own party found absolutely jarring and shocking, as clearly did the President. Tonight became the response of this perceived flip flop Romney's campaign has made with the President often calling him out on what he promised on the nomination trail and what he is stating now as his policy. In what can be perceived as the most cringe worthy moment of this debate was Romney accusing the President of not caring about Benghazi and the Americans killed there. To which the President became enraged and decided to address Romney directly, Romney in a moment of desperation attempted to challenge the President in saying "He didn't know what happened, he chose to do fundraisers instead. He never said it was an act of terror". This resulted in the President asking the moderator to pull up the transcript which she did, Romney also asked her to fact check and the results made Mitt Romney look very bad. The shade of red his face took just indicated the embarrassment and humiliation of the moment. Mitt's moment of triumph would be limited to the topic of immigration reform but that was very limited because Obama fired back with Mitt's own advisers involvement in the civil rights violating law enacted in Arizona. Polls are indicating that Obama blew Romney away by at least a 20% margin of 48% to 18% with the majority favoring the President.
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